Why Sober University is for You

If you are struggling with an addiction, whether to alcohol, prescription drugs, illicit drugs, overeating, anorexia, bulimia, gambling and debt, or shopping, or if you are involved in an unhealthy relationship, Sober University can guide you in your next steps toward recovery and can help you to strengthen and maintain your sobriety.

Courageously taking aim at our addictive society and challenging the status quo of mainstream rehabs, Cheryl has words of wisdom that touch addicts, their friends, and family members. She offers guidance to parents who are struggling to be good role models to the children in their lives. Everyone can take great comfort in her constructive, direct approach.
With her straightforward and compassionate perspective, the author offers insight, stories, and practical recovery advice.

Adler provides information to help you get your physical, mental, and spiritual house in order, including:

Chapters on relationships and on parenting help you to rebuild the important relationships in your life. Stories of the struggles of Adler's clients offer guidance and inspiration throughout the book.

Sober University has four main courses:
Course One: Foundations
Course Two: Your Health
Course Three: Making Better Choices
Course Four: Reaching for the Best in Yourself

The book includes a list of Resources, Recommended Reading, and an Index.

Learn at your own pace and let Sober University open doors to a healthier, more joyful life.

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Sober University is an invitation to successful recovery for any addiction. Integrating various modalities, Sober University offers cutting edge information. This book is essential! It nourishes the soul. It offers support, effective strategies, is realistic, and filled with hope.”—Dr. Frederick Drobin